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Theory Test for a Car (Category B)
To book a Theory Test call the DVSA Bookings on 0300 200 1122
or log on the link:
Book a Theory Test

The Theory Test Fee is now £25

You can only take a car Theory Test if:

you are 17 and have a Provisional Driving Licence

Once you've passed the Theory Test you have 2 years in which
to pass the Practical Driving Test

The Theory Test is in two parts:

Multiple Choice

Lasts about an hour. There are 50 questions of which 43 must be answered correctly. Read each question carefully and if you have time check all your answers again - it could make the difference between passing or failing. Just take a bit of care and time.

Hazard Perception

Consists of 14 video clips each about a minute long. Once you spot any hazard you need to click the mouse. There will be one situation which will be a Developing Hazard. Here you need to continue clicking until the hazard has passed. In one clip there will be two Developing Hazards - but you do not know which clip it will be. Careful not to click at regular intervals or you will be given 0 points as it is deemed as cheating. There are 15 situations in the the 14 clips. A maximum of 5 points is given for each hazard depending on the timing

The maximum score is 75

The pass score is 42

You will be given a print out of the result in reception.


Make sure that you bring both parts of your Driving Licence along - otherwise you will not be allowed to sit the test! This does happen...

DSA slogan - safe driving for life