RTS Intensive Driving Courses in Norwich
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Practical Test for a Car (Category B)
To book a car Driving Practical Test call the DSA Bookings on 0300 200 1122
or log on the link:
Book a Practical Test
The Test Fee is currently £62 (weekday Driving Test)

The Practical Car Test lasts about 40 minutes.

After signing the Test Marking sheet you will do an eyesight check
in the car park and answer two vehicle safety check questions.
If you get one or both questions wrong this counts as one minor
fault. You are allowed 15 minor faults but no major ones.

During the drive you may do the Controlled Stop - it used to be called the Emergency Stop - this is now only done on average one in three tests.

You will also do one manoeuvre and pulling up and moving off a few times. Another part of the test is around 10 minutes of Independent Driving. This could consist of being shown some diagrams, following road signs or a combination of both.

Examiners will not engage in conversation as it would be distracting - it is off-putting sitting in silence after a chatty instructor. You can talk if it makes you feel more relaxed!

Nerves are the most common problem.
Nerves are normal - it's just when they get out of control!

You will be told the result at the end of the test.
If you get three points in the first two years after passing then you will return to learner status and have to do both your Theory and Practical tests again.

This happens to around 1200 people every month!

If you don't bring your licence then you will not be able to take your test.

DSA slogan - safe driving for life